Feedback Needed on Beta US Code Website

From the AALL Government Relations Office:
The Office of the Law Revision Counsel is seeking comments on the new beta version of its website for the U.S. Code. The Office is looking for feedback from law librarians and members of the public about the site’s features, content, and ease of use.
The beta site is located at and the current site is located at Your comments will help the Office make changes to the website to better meet user needs. Please send your comments to
Some key features of the new website are:
* A new search engine for Code data
* An expanding “Table of Contents” style browse of the Code
* A simple search facility for quickly accessing specific Code sections or performing simple word or phrase searches
* An advanced search facility for sophisticated searching of Code content using delimiters such as field or Code hierarchy restrictions, Boolean logic, and case sensitive searches
* An improved display of search results and Code documents
* Cite Checker, a new tool that enables quick checking of specific Code sections for recent amendments
* Easy access to USCprelim, an advance posting of the next online version of the Code
* New explanatory material about the Code and the functions of the Office
Prospective features include:
* Ability to search previous versions of the Code
* Ability to search USCprelim
* Enhanced internal and external links