2011-12 Wisconsin Blue Book Now Available – as well as All Prior Editions

The 2011-2012 State of Wisconsin Blue Book is now available in print and online from the Legislative Reference Bureau. According to the LRB, “the Blue Book is the primary one-volume reference source about the state, documenting the organization of the state’s three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial).”
Each edition of the Blue Book contains a feature article. The feature article for this edition is entitled Progressivism Triumphant: The 1911 Wisconsin Legislature. Here’s an excerpt:

The year 2011 marks the centennial of what was almost certainly the greatest legislature in Wisconsin history, quite possibly in any state. The totality of its achievements in such disparate areas as labor legislation, taxation, conservation, education, democratization, government reorganization, transportation, and economic regulation was unprecedented and remains unequalled.

For a list of past feature articles, see the index on page 170. All prior editions of the Blue Book have been digitized.
Hat tip to WSLL @ Your Service