The Bluebook Goes Mobile

The Bluebook, a Uniform System of Citation, is now available via the rulebook app for iPhone and iPad. The app allows users to search, highlight, bookmark and take notes. Content is automatically updated when changes occur.
Other legal content is also available for purchase through the rulebook app, including the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Evidence rules.
The rulebook app is free, but once inside users will be given the opportunity to purchase the Bluebook content for $39.99. By way of comparison, the print edition of the Bluebook costs $34.00. (Note that LTN reports that on August 22nd the federal rules will be available for free on rulebook and content will be kept current through the end of the year.)
If you like the idea of accessing the Bluebook electronically, but would prefer to do so on your computer rather than a mobile device, a web-based subscription is also available. Prices for an individual subscription are 1 year for $32, 2 years for $42 and 3 years for $50.