Interview question – If you were an ice cream cone, what flavor would you be?

Some colleagues and I were discussing some of the more interesting interview questions that we’ve heard along the “if you were a …, what … would you be?” vein.  Here’s one that came up:  If you were an ice cream cone, what flavor would you be?
The question immediately brought to mind one of my very favorite travel memories.  Shortly before I started at the UW Law School, my husband and I took a trip to Italy.  Each night we’d hear people in our tour group raving about the Italian ice cream – aka gelato.  Being from Wisconsin, however, we were skeptical – we knew good ice cream.  But, when in Rome (literally)…  So, a day or two later, we gave in and finally tried it.  Not to sound too much like my pre-teen daughter, but OMG!  We were hooked from then on.
Being in our twenties with not a lot of money, our tour was most definitely of the economical variety.  Yet, occasionally they would show us how the other half lives and take us somewhere special.  One of these places was in Venice – my favorite of all the cities that we visited.  There we were, a beautiful day at the Piazza San Marco sitting on the patio of one of the nicest restaurants there.  Out comes the waiter with some gelato – peach gelato – along with a glass of champagne.  We thought the gelato from the street vendors was amazing, but, boy, it had nothing on this.  Light, refreshing and intense – wow!  Fifteen years later and I still remember that gelato as one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.
So, after that long story, I’d have to say that if I were an ice cream flavor, I’d want to be that peach gelato:  unexpected and refreshing – wiling to try new things and entertain new ideas; light and approachable; yet with enough intensity to get the job done.  Not sure exactly what that reveals about me, but there it is.
Oh, and if you’ve tried the gelato here in the States and can’t figure out what the big deal is…  Well, I’ll tell you that it just doesn’t compare – at least not the stuff I’ve tried.  Alas, it’s just a pale imitation.