Data Visualization Tools – Infographics, Timelines, Flowcharts, Maps, and Mindmaps

If you’re looking for creative ways to visualize your data, check out the following list of tools.  Most are free, web based, and relatively easy to use.
Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. – This is one of the easier to use visual communication tools.  It offers a dozen free templates which you can easily customize.  Here’s an flowchart about worker’s compensation created with
Piktochart – This tool is a little more complicated to use but has some great options.  Use it to create infographics, posters, presentations and reports like this one on copyright law or this one on how laws are made.
Timeline JS – With this simple tool, you can easily make visually appealing, media rich timelines.  Here’s an example timeline on the History of the Clinical Program at Columbia Law School and another on campus racial justice protests.
Tiki-Toki – This is another multimedia timeline tool with more sophisticated options.  Here’s an example on the history of international law.
Creately– This flowchart design tool has thousands of templates and allows collaborative design.
StatPlanet – This application allows you to create fully customizable interactive maps.  StatPlanet can be used to visualize location-based statistical data as in this example of youth and voting demographics by Congressional District.
A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information.
Mindmeister – This online mind mapping tool is easy to use and offers some advanced features.  Here’s one on how to be more productive.