Your Tweets May Reveal More than You Think: Free Tool Analyzes Structure & Patterns of Any Public Twitter Account

It’s not just what you say – It’s how you say it.  Your Twitter account may be revealing more about you than you realize.  Of course, the contents of your tweets convey information about you – but so do the structure and patterns of your tweets, enhancing or perhaps negating your words.

On the surface, this information is not readily apparent, but there’s a tool called AccountAnalysis that can help you explore that data – for your own account or for any public Twitter account.

Poynter describes the newly revised tool:

AccountAnalysis (sign-in required, pro plans optional) uncloaks a ton of great information about any public Twitter account, including daily rhythms; frequency of tweets by specific dates and days of the week; and data about languages, interfaces, most common URLs shared and more.


Twitter AccountAnalysis

Hat tip to BeSpacific