Letters of the Law Column Explores Legal Issues Arising in Libraries

American Libraries Letters of the Law logoAmerican Libraries magazine has created a new online column called Letters of the Law which explores a wide range of legal issues that arise in libraries.  The column is authored by Mary Minow, a consultant with LibraryLaw.com, and Tomas A. Lipinski, dean and professor at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee School of Information Studies – which just happens to be my alma mater.

In each column, Minow and Lipinski respond to legal questions facing libraries.  So far they’ve tackled questions such as:

  • Do library employees or volunteers face liability if they administer Narcan to a patron who appears to have overdosed on opiates?
  • May my public library ban guns on its premises?
  • Is there any way to regulate or ban false or misleading content on library premises?
  • Must libraries allow political groups to use the rooms for advocacy and campaigning?
  • Is a library liable if a patron posts fake news or commentary that is defamatory or harmful on its social media platforms, or on the comments section of its online catalog?