Researching the Legal Implications of COVID-19

Photo of surgical face mask and a laptop computer.We are currently facing an unprecedented time here in the law library, the law school, and the world. With the new COVID-19 virus and subsequent pandemic, we have been met with new fears, new challenges, and even new methods of learning (as we’ve all moved to video conferencing and distance learning). As doctors and healthcare professionals are continuing to figure out new treatments for the virus, in the legal world, we are still learning what the legal implications may be.

Legal blog Dewey B. Strategic has pulled together a lengthy list of what various legal publishers have put out in regards to COVID-19: toolkits, resources, advice, documents, and more.

Jean O’Grady, the blogger who compiled the list, says,

“Lawyers need to untangle the myriad legal issues impacting virtually every area of legal practice. We are surely witnessing the emergence of a new pandemic law practice over the course of several weeks. I have summarized the landscape of tools produced by legal publishers to help lawyers get oriented and “jump start” their practice in the “new normal” of law in a time of pandemic.”