Law Scholars Can Now Add Books & Interdisciplinary Works to Hein through ORCID Integration – What this could mean for the US News scholarly impact ranking

If you’ve been following the new US News Scholarly Impact Ranking, you know that the exclusion of books and interdisciplinary works has been a major concern for many law scholars.  Last February, I posted about how Hein’s Integration with ORCID might help resolve that problem.

In that post, I explained that Hein was developing processes to pull publication data for books and interdisciplinary articles from ORCID into HeinOnline.  Yesterday, Hein announced that publication records from ORCID have indeed now been integrated into in HeinOnline.

So, by creating and adding publications to their ORCID profiles, law scholars can now elect to have their books, interdisciplinary works, and many other works appear in HeinOnline which US News is using as the data source for their scholarly impact ranking.

ORCID to Hein to US News flow chart

How does it work?  Authors who have linked their ORCID profiles to their Hein author profiles will now have an extra ORCID Record tab as shown below.  Any publications added to the ORCID profile will appear. See the Hein post for full details.

ORCID tab in Hein

At this point, the ORCID Record tab only shows a list of publications, not citations to them.  I reached out to Shane Marmion, President of William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to ask if citations would be added and he indicated that yes, this is part of their next phase.  Hein is working on a tool to search for citations for ORCID works using title, author, etc., and if it is successful, they would incorporate these into their Scholar Check/Author Profile pages.

Then I asked the million-dollar question: whether ORCID publication and citation data would be shared with and used by US News for the scholarly impact ranking.  Shane indicated that Hein would share this data with US News but couldn’t say whether US News would use it in their ranking.  However, he did share that Bob Morse has been in contact with Hein and with ORCID and has expressed interest in the integration.  That sounds pretty promising to me.

Action items for law scholars wanting to capture citations to their books, interdisciplinary works, and other scholarship in Hein and potentially in the US News scholarly impact ranking:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, create an ORCID iD and start adding your publications.
  2. Then link your ORCID iD profile to your Hein Author Profile.

Action items for law librarians:

  1. Create an ORCID iD – even if you’ve never written anything.
  2. Then ask your faculty members to add you as a trusted individual (delegate) on their profile. This will allow you to add publications to their ORCID profile and to link it to Hein.

Of course, adding a complete list of a scholar’s publications in ORCID is easier said than done, but in the end, I think it will be time well spent, especially for interdisciplinary scholars whose work is not otherwise captured in Hein.  Here at UW Law, our Scholarly Communications Librarian, Liz Manriquez, has done an outstanding job of leading this important work.