Clearbrief MS Word Add-in Uses AI to Evaluate the Strength of a Brief

Clearbrief logoClearbrief is a new brief analysis tool that uses AI to evaluate the strength of the arguments in a brief, identifying how well each sentence is supported by the cited source.  It functions as an add-in to Microsoft Word.

From the website:

Clearbrief automatically pulls up every factual and legal source you cite to in your draft, side by side with your writing, and points out mistakes in what you said vs. what your source says.  [It] instantly finds and links to the best record documents to support each sentence in the brief, while you write.

When you’re done with your draft, Clearbrief finds the best source of factual evidence to support each sentence in your brief, right there in Word.  We fix every formatting error like a trusted paralegal without giving you decision fatigue, and help you quickly build a Table of Authorities.

And when you’re ready to file, Clearbrief hyperlinks the source for every citation to the facts and the law. Our tools publish your final brief in our secure cloud so that your judge and your clients can read your brief alongside each citation source, for maximum readability that gives you instant bonus points.

Clearbrief screenshot
Image Source: Ambrogi’s LawSites

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