Hein Unveils New One-Box Searching

One-box searching has come to HeinOnline and it’s a very nice improvement.  Now you can search all Hein content from a single box with drop-down options allowing you to specify your search intent.  Previously, your search was limited to a specific tab (full text, citation, catalog, or case law).

Hein One-Box screen shot

According to the HeinOnline blog, this interface update retains all searching functionality. No previous searching capabilities have been removed.  Here are the drop down options:

  • Just search for: Functions the same as the former “Full Text” tab, searching the full text of documents for your keyword(s). Users can also use this option to enter custom HeinOnline syntax—i.e. author: (Fitzgerald)—if desired.
  • Citation: Functions as a combination of the former “Citation” and “Case Law” tabs, allowing you to search for a document or case citation.
  • Catalog: Functions the same as the former “Catalog” tab, searching across the entire HeinOnline catalog record at the publication or title level.
  • *Author: Allows users to search for a section author name.
    • Scholarly visibility tip:  Run an author name search and compare it against their Hein author profile to make sure nothing is missing.
  • *Title: Allows users to search section titles (article titles within a journal issue, chapter titles in a book, etc.) across HeinOnline content.

The Advanced Search options have all be combined on a single page with three advanced search boxes—(1) HeinOnline’s standard Advanced Search; (2) Advanced Catalog Search; and (3) Fastcase Case Citation Lookup.