Wisconsin Expands eFiling to Appellate Courts

As of July 1, electronic filing is mandatory for attorneys who practice in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court will launch an eFiling pilot program on a select set of cases by invitation.

According to the Wisconsin Court System News, the appellate eFiling system has the same look and feel as the eFiling system established for circuit courts.  A copy of the Supreme Court’s April 23 order, establishing a comprehensive appellate eFiling system, can be found here.  Additional information about appellate eFiling is available on the court system’s website.

The Supreme Court has not yet set a date for mandatory eFiling in the Supreme Court. Self-represented parties may use the eFiling system if they choose or may continue to file and be served with paper documents. The Supreme Court’s order of June 15, addressing the filing process for Supreme Court cases until mandatory eFiling begins, can be found here.