State Street Adult Coloring Book Captures Life on UW Campus, Downtown Madison, 2020-21

If you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or simply a lover of Madison, head to the Goodman South Branch of the Madison Public Library this Thursday, Sept 9th from 6-7:30 for a talk by Doug Haynes, local artist, and creator of the State Street Adult Coloring Book.

Cover: State St Adult Coloring BookThis coloring book depicts a central intersection in Madison, Wisconsin from multiple points of view.  All the art was created between November 2020 to May 2021.  In that short span of time, Artist Doug E. L. Haynes drew over 30 locations on and around State Street in a way that will capture the hearts of University of Wisconsin alumni and other fans of this energetic place. The book documents the architecture and people inhabiting downtown Madison. State Street is a cultural and social hub that connects the UW-Madison campus to the State Capitol, for that reason it has also been the stage for a variety of gatherings and protests. Doug’s book documents specific scenes such as graduation, the impromptu gathering when Biden was declared winner, a protest, and costumed Halloween revelers.

Haynes’ sketches show several of the temporary works of art that appeared after George Floyd’s murder. The art conveys the weather and the mood of different times and seasons. It is a snapshot of a moment in history taken mid-pandemic. For those who have been through this time, it provides an opportunity for the reader/colorist to interact with and reflect upon their city. The book includes such iconic buildings as the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Orpheum theatre, the Triangle mart and the State Capitol. In addition to the 35 original drawings, the book contains poetry and essays about State Street. Featured writers include Fabu (poet), Chuck Bauer (business owner) and Art Paul Schlosser (street musician). Readers will enjoy solving the Overture maze, scavenger hunt and Madison-themed word search.

The book is available for purchase online.  Hat tip to Check It Out from the Madison Public Library.