Tools for Tracking Federal and Wisconsin Lobbying

Over $52 million was spent on lobbying in Wisconsin in 2021. Nationally, total lobbying spending amounted to a whopping $3.73 billion.  You can follow the money with these tools.

Lobbying in Wisconsin from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission allows anyone to search and view public lobbying information.  See who is lobbying, what they are lobbying about, and how much they are spending.  You can also search by legislative proposal to view who is lobbying for or against it and how much they are spending as shown below.  Links to the full lobbying reports are available.  Additional information is available to registered lobbyists.

Screenshot of Assembly Bill 439 from Lobbying in Wisconsin

OpenSecrets is a nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit research group that tracks money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.  You can generate reports by donor name, track political contributions by state, city, and zip code, or view a money profile of  senators and representatives.

Screenshot of client profile from Telsa from OpenSecrets


Daily Lobbying Data, which just launched, offers real-time federal lobbying reports. Search and filter data by issues lobbied on, dollar amount spent, government agencies, and specific companies. It also provides links to the full lobbying report provided to Congress. A pro plan is also available for purchase that connects lobbying contracts to stock market tickers for additional insights.

Screenshot of search for Tesla in Lobbying Data