UW Law School Launches New Peer-Reviewed, Journal of American Constitutional History

Last week, the University of Wisconsin Law School launched the new Journal of American Constitutional History, a peer-reviewed, web-based journal publishing high-quality scholarship on U.S. constitutional history. JACH welcomes articles from the disciplines of law, history, or political science that focus on historical questions touching on the American Constitution or constitutional development, or that contain a substantial element of historical analysis in addressing contemporary issues of U.S. constitutional law.

Screenshot of JACH webpage

The journal was created by David S. Schwartz, Frederick W. & Vi Miller Professor of Law, who serves as editor-in-chief.  The editorial board contains an impressive group of historians and legal scholars.  The inaugural Winter 2023 edition features scholarship from Mary Sarah Bilder, Gerard Magliocca, and Robert Tsai.

Our UW Law Library worked closely with Professor Schwartz, editorial assistant Jack Miller, and the Law School External Affairs Team on the online publication of this new journal.  Head of Reference & Scholarly Support, Liz Manriquez lead the Law Library’s efforts to host the journal articles in our UW Law School Digital Repository and create DOIs (digital object identifiers) to improve article accessibility and discovery.