2023 WI Law Review Symposium on “Stategraft”

Wisconsin Law Review logoRegistration is now open for the 2023 Wisconsin Law Review Symposium on Friday, November 3rd.  This year’s symposium will focus on identifying national and international cases of “stategraft” which, according to USC Professor and symposium host Bernadette Atuahene, is “when state agents transfer property from persons to the state in violation of the state’s own laws or basic human rights.”

One of the symposium’s highlights will be the local government roundtable, where current and former mayors and local elected officials will speak about the challenges of governing under fiscal austerity. The symposium will feature scholars, journalists, and practitioners from all over the country for a day of exchange that will culminate in a groundbreaking special issue of scholarship.

For additional information about the concept of stategraft, please see Professor Atuahene’s recent article, A Theory of Stategraft, in the New York University Law Review.

The Wisconsin Law Review also invites scholars, researchers, and experts from various fields to contribute to the Online Companion Journal’s forthcoming Symposium Special Edition.

The Wisconsin Law Review Forward, the online companion journal, invites submissions of case studies of stategraft in the United States and abroad. Submissions should be approximately 1,000 words.