Feeling SAD? Check out a Happy Light at the Library

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that typically occurs each year during fall and winter when there are fewer daylight hours. Fortunately, as the Mayo Clinic explains, the use of a light box or lamp can offer some relief.

Photo of HappyLightDon’t have one?  Try your local library.  HappyLights light therapy lamps, which mimic natural daylight, are now available at the UW Law Library as well as at all of Madison Public Library locations. The lights are just one of the many wellness resources and services available to students at UW Law School as described in a recent Gargoyle article.

The Law Library also provides a se­lection of recreational materials for law students to enjoy when taking a break from their studies, including Frisbees, ping-pong paddles, puzzles, coloring pages and even Play-Doh. Last year, the Library introduced a collection of legal-themed board games inspired and donated by Professor Steph Tai. In these games, students can rule on hot-button issues in I Dissent, investigate food-related crimes as an FDA agent in Chew or draft their ideal bill of rights in Bill of Rights.

You can find a guide to the UW Law Library’s many Law Student Wellness resources on our website.