Free Ethics CLE Sessions on Generative AI in Law Practice and Legal Research

Once again this year, UW Law School is offering free Ethics CLE seminars. The live Zoom sessions will be held next week, Wednesday, January 24, Thursday, January 25, and Friday, January 26. Attendees will receive up to 3 Wisconsin EPR Credits (1 per session) pending approval by the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners. Register for each session you wish to attend to receive the appropriate Zoom link(s).

Two of the three sessions will address the use of generative AI:

Image of a gargoyle doing legal research in a library using both books and AI
Image generated by DALL-E

For our session about AI in legal research, we’ll discuss how attorneys are using generative AI, pitfalls and ethical issues, research applications for AI, and how AI impacts an attorney’s ethical duties.  We’ll offer tips for working with generative AI including reviewing and customizing your settings and designing effective prompts.  We’ll also explain how large language models (LLM) work, then introduce a concept called retrieval augmented generation (RAG) into that process and discuss why that makes a difference.  Finally, we’ll do a live research comparison of two generative AI tools, a general LLM and a RAG enhanced LLM that uses authoritative legal content.