Wikipedia, the Community Encyclopedia

Newsweek has a nice article about Wikipedia, “a free online encyclopedia that draws articles not from a sequestered brain trust of academics but from the great unwashed: thousands of Internet users around the world who freely add to and edit the site.” See It’s Like a Blog, But It’s a Wiki
Wikipedia has created quite a stir among information professionals and other researchers. The concept of encyclopedia articles written – or rewritten – by the public has many concerned about the great potential for misinformation (intentional or not).
However, according to an article in the online journal, RedHerring, Wikipedia’s founder has said that next year he will begin using editors to review the web site’s content for accuracy and allow users to rate contributions to the encyclopedia for their quality.
With over 1 million total articles, Wikipedia is now the world’s largest encyclopedia – three times the size of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Source: Library Link of the Day & ResourceShelf