Internet Tips Newsletter from DCLRC

Librarian Paula Seeger of the Dane County Legal Resource Center is offering a free monthly Internet Tips newsletter via email. If you would like to subscribe, contact Paula at
The following is a list of topics covered in recent issues:

Internet Tip 1: Your mouse and you; Internet-related File Types; Advanced Google Searching
Internet Tip 2: Printing Selected Text; Introduction to mailing lists; Wisconsin State Law Library
Internet Tip 3: Fixing Printed Pages that Get Cut Off; Retrieving Form Information; WI County Identifier
Internet Tip 4: Auto Completion; Where was I? Re-locating your stopping point in long Word documents; State of WI Dept. of Health & Family Services Consumer Guides
Internet Tip 5: Clicking To Select Words & Lines; Bookmarks v. Favorites; The National Archives
Internet Tip 6: Finding Quick Definitions; Anti-Virus Software; Consumer Rights Manual
Internet Tip 7: Desktop Icon; Answers that Work; Statistical Abstract
Internet Tip 8: Search Shortcuts; Incomplete URL’s; How Stuff Works