Swedish Library Goes "Face-to-Face" with Prejudice

USA Today reports on the unusual program at a Swedish library that allows you to “borrow” a real live human being.
From the article:

This weekend, nine people, including a homosexual, an imam, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy, will be available at the Malmoe Library for members of the public to “borrow” for a 45 minute conversation in the library’s outdoor cafe.
The Living Library project will enable people to come face-to-face with their prejudices in the hopes of altering their preconceived notions.
“Maybe not all journalists are know-it-all and sensationalist, just unafraid and curious. Maybe not all animal rights activists are angry and intolerant, but intelligent and committed.”
“You sometimes hear people’s prejudices and you realize that they are just uninformed.”

Source: Library Link of the Day