Current Law Journal Content Adds RSS Feeds

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth reminding that Washington & Lee Law School has compiled an awesome tool called Current Law Journal Content. CLJC indexes articles from current law journal using RSS feeds.
The service is very robust. You can do all of the following:

  • Display all the tables of contents for law journal issues added during a user selected date range.
  • Search for words in article citations (author/title/abstract/journal-name fields).
  • Link to tables of contents for any one of the 1049 individual law journals.
  • Link from an article citation to the full-text in Lexis, Westlaw, BEPress, SSRN and other databases (passwords may be required).

And just announced, dynamically produced RSS feeds of law journal contents pages are also available. Bear in mind, this part is a bit complex. The following is my understanding.
To construct a feed, start with this base URL:
Then, add on any or all of the follow pieces: (slightly modified per clarification from creator)

  • “format=rss&articles=yes” (This tells the feed to display a listing of articles; “format=rss” is required; removing “&articles=yes” will give just a list of issues (with a linkto a TOC), and no listing of articles within each issue)
  • “age=x” (This is the number of days ago to look for issues – so “age=6” is a week ago) – Note: either age or country is required
  • “country= x” (this is the country in which the journal was published) – Note: either age or country is required
  • “id=x” (This is an id number assigned to users that establish a profile and who may thus limit the output to a personalized set of journals)

Check out the following examples:

For more info on Current Law Journal Content, contact mastermind, John Doyle at Washington & Lee. Good stuff!