BlawgThink – My Blog and I Thank You

If I actually use one-tenth of the stuff I came away with at BlawgThink, I’ll consider it a smashing success. This gathering of legal bloggers was, by far, the most invigorating conference I’ve ever attended. The sessions were informative and the guest list impressive.
But the best part was the networking with other blawggers. Yeah – you say that about every conference you go to – but this was some supercharged networking. In fact, it was built right into the the structure of day two which was based on the Open Space model. Imagine identifying everyone in the room who wants to talk about the same thing you do – then having a designated time to meet.
Among many other great conversations, the following were stand-outs for me:

Thanks again to organizers Dennis Kennedy and Matt Homann for inviting me to present at this amazing conference. My blog and I thank you.