Welcome to WisBlawg's New Home

Welcome to WisBlawg’s new home on the Movable Type platform. Please note that the URL has changed to http://www.law.wisc.edu/blogs/wisblawg/
I made the change for several reasons and chief among them, the desire to move off of Blogger. Besides not being very customizable, the credibility of many Blogger blogs is questionable. Because it’s a free service, Blogger is ripe with spam blogs. Many legitimate blogs are, therefore, tainted by association. My desire to move coincided well with the UW Law School’s decision to offer a blogging platform for its personnel.
Among other changes you will see is the new banner featuring a photo of the UW Law Library Grand Reading Room. And notice the new tag line – “Searching Smarter… With a Little Help from a Law Librarian”? I felt that it summed up the dual purpose of WisBlawg: 1) To offer useful advice to make legal practitioners smarter researchers and 2) to emphasize the value that law librarians bring to the practice of law.
Since WisBlawg uses a feed generated by FeedBurner, I was able to change the source to reflect the URL change. Therefore, anyone that has subscribed to this feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/Wisblawg-FromTheUwLawLibrary) should continue to receive WisBlawg content. However, if you subscribe to WisBlawg using it’s original ATOM feed (http://wisblawg.blogspot.com/atom.xml) you will need to resubscribe to the FeedBurner feed listed above.
Most email subscribers should also not be affected by the change since they are also directed through FeedBurner. If you have set up an email subscription through a service other than the one currently offered on the WisBlawg site (FeedBlitz), you will need to change it.
Thanks for your patience as WisBlawg makes the transition to its new home. If you experience any problems, please contact me (see my profile for the email address) or comment on this post.
Oh, and with a little help from our IT staff, I hope to move the archives from Blogger over to the new Movable Type platform. Watch for that in the near future.