Guess the Grad Trivia Answers & Stump the Librarian

Monday’s Guess the Grad Contest is history and we had quite a few folks participate. And a fair number who pointed out that question #1 didn’t quite hit the mark.
Here are the answers as written by reference librarian, Jenny Zook:
1. Who is the UW graduate who sang, “I might get rich, you know I might get busted, but my heart keeps calling me backwards, as I get on the 707?”
A. Steve Miller. Okay, for all those picky folks, yes, technically, Steve didn’t write this. Paul Pena did. Also, Steve Miller, didn’t graduate from the UW, he was a few credits short.
I especially liked the response of one person who wrote, “one correct answer is myself. . . as I sang those exact lyrics at a house party back in ’92 and am a UW graduate, BSEE ’97.” Touche
2. Who is the UW graduate who often does cameos in her brother’s movies?
A. Joan Cusack. I was thinking of Joan, but a few people wrote in Susan Breslau, the Zucker brothers’ sister. I counted those few who did guess Susan Beslau just because it seemed only fair, she did graduate from UW and she does cameos in her brothers’ films and I certainly could have added another hint to separate the two women.
3. Who earned a master’s degree in just a year at the UW, became an award winning novelist, and is a Professor of Humanities at Princeton University?
A. Joyce Carol Oates
Today’s contest is Stump the Law Library Staff for UW Law School students, faculty, and staff. Bring it on.