READ Posters Featuring UW Law Faculty

In what we hope is the first of an annual tradition, we’ve added a new component to our National Library Week celebration: READ posters featuring UW Law School faculty members. Join us in the Law Library to view the posters featuring Asifa Quraishi, Gordon Smith, and Cheryl Weston.

The posters turned out so well, in fact, that – with the subjects’ permission – we’d like to have them framed and displayed in the library year-round.
All three faculty members were very good sports and had fun with the project, I think. Gordon even blogged about it.
A huge thanks to the Law School’s own, Professor Arthur McEvoy, for taking the photos. He did an outstanding job. Incidentally, he’s the one who took that photo of me on this blog.
And another big thanks to Library Evening/Weekend Supervisor, Erin Schlicht, who designed and printed the posters.