A Magical Moment at Lake Kegonsa

One of those magical pursuits of childhood, my kids have a fascination with catching fireflies. Last weekend, equipped with butterfly net and bug house, we journeyed to Lake Kegonsa State Park for what turned out to be a very soggy camping trip.
But just a twilight Saturday night, there was a break in the rain clouds so off went the great firefly hunters. With our daughter riding on his shoulders and our son gleefully striding alongside, my husband led the way down the trail. At the end was a large meadow filled with thousands of dancing fireflies. It was a truly magical moment which brought to mind one our of favorite books:

“When all was quiet, the firefly flew through the night flashing its light, looking and searching again. Then the very lonely firefly saw what it had been looking for…
A group of fireflies, flashing their lights. Now the firefly wasn’t lonely anymore.”
— From The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle