Kentucky Bans Blogs for State Employees

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Kentucky has blocked state employee’s access to “blogs as well as humor, religion, and online auction websites after it was deemed that [they] were spending too much time on the Internet.”
This is a bad idea. Granted, there are lots of blogs that do nothing to advance work flow and productivity – BUT there are plenty of others that do – including WisBlawg. Reminds me of the debates a few years back about blocking employee’s access to the Internet as a whole.
Regardless of the lost potential for research value, blacklisting blogs is simply harmful to workplace morale according to those interviewed for the article.

  • “Whether in [private or public] workplaces, are you going to create a culture of mutual trust or a Big Brother ‘we’re watching your every move’ environment?” says Zachary Hummel, a workplace attorney at Bryan Cave LLP in New York.
  • “It looks petty, and it’s probably ineffective,” says Glenn Reynolds, author of “An Army of Davids” about the rise of a tech-enabled entrepreneurial class.
  • “We try to treat people as adults,” says Otto Doll, South Dakota’s chief information officer.

Source: Law Librarian Blog