Looking For a Few Good Books?

Looking for a few good books to curl up with now that the weather is getting cool? Here are a couple of tips on where you can get them for free or low cost.
1. Take a trip to your local public library. Enough said.
2. If you’d rather buy than borrow, check out the upcoming book sales from the Milwaukee Public Library and Madison area libraries. You never know what you’ll find at these sales, but if you have time to browse, you’ll probably find a treasure or two.
If you have kids, this can be a great place to pick up some awesome (and inexpensive) party favors – much better than the usual goodie bags of candy and cheap toys. Thanks to Parent Hacks for the tip.
3. If you have specific titles or authors that you want, try a book swapping Web site. These online marketplaces allow you to trade your books with others. No money is exchanged – only shipping costs apply. Some of them include Whatsonmybookshelf.com; SwapSimple.com; BookMooch.com; PaperBackSwap.com; and FrugalReader.com.
Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a good article on book swapping. (Normally, WSJ Online requires a subscription, but today content appears to be free). Thanks to TVC Alert for the tip.