New York Times Archives Back to 1851 Now Available

According to a press release, The New York Times announces that “all articles dating back to Sept. 18, 1851, when the paper started publishing, are now available online at”
“Searches for articles published before 1981 will produce PDF files showing pages or articles exactly as they appeared in the newspaper. Articles published in 1981 and thereafter will continue to appear online in the familiar scroll-down screen format.”
“The Archive is accessible through TimesSelect, an online feature that is available for free to all regular subscribers of the paper, or for $49.95 for an annual subscription. Non-subscribers will be able to purchase individual articles for a fee per download.”
This is pretty sweet. We’ve had access to the old NYT articles for a while through our subscription to the ProQuest Historical NYT Database. It’s wonderful for digging up history on a person or business and for understanding the popular thought about an issue at a particular time in history.
Looks like you can do a search of the archives at no cost. (Change the pull down to “NYT Archive 1851-1980”) You will be able to view the first paragraph of the article, but will be charged $4.95 to view it if you don’t have a subscription.
Source: beSpacific