Screencast Tutorial on RSS for Legal Professionals

From Real Lawyers Have Blogs:

Jason Eiseman, Computer Automation Librarian at Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, has produced an excellent 3 part screencast tutorial on RSS:
1. Introduction of RSS discusses importance of RSS and looks at an RSS feed.
2. How to set up an RSS aggregator and subscribe to RSS feeds.
3. Specific tools law librarians may use to set up RSS feeds.
Jason says it’s for law librarians, but anyone learning RSS would benefit from his instruction.

I agree and highly recommend this tutorial to any legal professional interested in learning more about RSS. It’s one thing to read about a technology like RSS, but following along as someone walks you through the tools is even better. You can see just where to click and why. I thought that screencast #3 was particularly useful – I even learned a thing or two myself.