Winning Bids in the Last Few Seconds

Have you ever been bidding on something at Ebay and up until the last few seconds, you think you’ve got it – then someone swoops in at the very end and outbids you? Urgh! This is called sniping and Wikipedia defines it as watching a timed online auction (such as on eBay or Yahoo!), and placing a winning bid at the last possible moment (often seconds before the end of the auction), giving the other bidders no time to outbid the sniper.
Can they do that? Technically, yes, it doesn’t break any auction rules, although the practice is frowned upon by some. According to USA Today, a Korean study proved sniping to be the most effective method of bidding.
Although last second bidders could wait online at the close of the auction ready to pounce, a more efficient strategy is to use a sniping software application. One of these, BidSniper, offers a free service whereby it will place your bid in the last ten seconds of the auction. You can also get the premium service which will bid in the last three seconds.