Great Library Pumpkins

Thanks to Library Stuff for inspiring me in my search of the great library pumpkins.

The first is courtesy of Terry’s Worklog. “For those of you that don’t speak MARC, the pumpkin is a jack-o-lantern with the MARC record of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” And who ever said librarians were geeky?

This next one warms my reference librarian’s heart – an Ask a Librarian pumpkin. Thanks to Cliff Landis’ Flickr pool.

And you might remember this one from a few years back. In one of the greatest pranks in Cornell history, a 60 pound pumpkin was impaled on top of the spire of the library tower in October 1997. Although the story attracted national media attention, it appears that no one ever took credit. More from Cornell.
Have I missed any?