Westlaw WebPlus: a New, Free Legal Search Engine.

West has unveiled a new Web search engine called Westlaw WebPlus. This legally-focused search engine filters search results based on legal relevance.
WebPlus is available from within Westlaw, although it may just be for law schools at this point (see image below), as well as independently on the Web. Using it in either platform is free.
There are some nice features including specifying whether you’re searching for a legal Issue, person, company, government entity, etc. Search results can also be refined by subject, domain or file format, as well as by format (web, news or blog results).
Of course Westlaw WebPlus isn’t going to replace other research tools, such as Westlaw, Lexis and other databases, or more traditional print resources. But for searching the legal Web, it’s pretty nice. I’ll definitely be adding it to my list of search engines.