RSS Feeds for New Items from Law Library & other UW Madison Libraries

I’m pleased to report that MadCat, the UW Madison library catalog, now features RSS feeds for new items. New In MadCat is a list of books, journals, and titles in all media that have recently been cataloged by campus libraries. The list is updated every Wednesday.
You may subscribe to RSS feeds for particular Subjects and Campus Libraries.

Law-Related Subject feeds
* All
* America. North America
* Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
* Canada
* Europe
* History of canon law
* Islamic law
* Jewish law
* Latin America. Mexico and Central America. West Indies. Caribbean area
* Law of nations
* Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See
* Religious law in general. Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence
* South America
* United Kingdom and Ireland
* United States
A feed for all newly cataloged items from the UW Law Library is also available. However, we will continue to produce our Selected Recent Acquisitions list which is much more detailed. Customized email delivery is available.