UW Law Library Recent Acquisitions RSS Feed

Last week I announced that MadCat, the UW Madison Library catalog, had added RSS feeds for new items from various campus libraries and subjects, including law.
I also noted that the Law Library is continuing to produce our Selected Recent Acquisitions list which is much more detailed. Customized email delivery is available and I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just added a RSS feed.
Unlike the previously mentioned MadCat generated feed, our Selected Recent Acquisitions feed only lists titles which are truly new. Because it is tied to our acquisitions system, the MadCat generated feed lists everything we’ve received, like new supplements of long held titles, older items that have just been retrospectively cataloged, etc.
So, if you’re interested browsing new items received by the UW Law Library, I recommend that you subscribe to our Selected Recent Acquisitions RSS feed or customized email service.
If you would like to request one of our recently acquired titles, or any other title for that matter, you may use our Outlaw Document Delivery service. (See our fee schedule.)