Wisconsin State Journal Names UW Law Library as One of the Best Quiet Hideaways in Madison

The Wisconsin State Journal has named the UW Law Library as one of the best “quiet” places in Madison.

Searching for solitude? Nothing beats the void-like hush of UW-Madison’s Law Library. Open to the public, its five floors offer nooks, crannies and the kind of heavy silence that could make mimes squirm.

Now before you get the wrong idea thinking we librarians are a bunch of bun-wearing shushers, you should know that it’s not the librarians shushing you – it’s the law students!
Recently, one of my colleagues had the pleasure of going on the UW Madison campus tour with her daughter who was enrolling as a new student. As the tour progressed up Bascom Hill, the tour guide stopped to point out the Law Library – a.k.a. the “hush-hush” library.
Thanks to my colleague, Cheryl O’Connor for sharing this story with me.