New Name & Interface for Delicious

Must be the week for new interfaces – this time its a new look for – or make that Delicious (hold the periods). Delicious is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.
Here’s a look at my list of the bookmarks I’ve tagged PhotosImages in Delicious:delicious.jpg
According to the Delicious blog

We’ve updated the user interface to improve usability and add a few often-requested features (such as selectable detail levels and alphabetical sorting of bookmarks). Our goal has been to keep the new design similar in spirit to the old one, so all of you veterans should be able to jump in without any confusion. At the same time, we’re hoping that newcomers to Delicious will find it easier to learn.

Check out all the changes, including navigation, tag bar, bookmarks, side bar and action box, on the What’s New page. Or, watch a short movie which visually depicts the changes.
Behind the scenes, Delicious has also improved the speed and search capabilities according to the blog.