Share Zotero Citation Lists with Zotz

“Zotero helps you collect and manage citations. Zotz helps you make them public.”
From Zotero:

The Zotero team is making solid progress on a variety of collaborative features. But, if you want to publish and share items today, you might be interested in Zotz. The Zotz plugin allows you to publish Zotero collections through MIT’s Citeline project. If you want to see this feature in action, just watch this screencast.
With just two clicks, you’ll be looking at an Exhibit of whichever Zotero citation collection you choose. After installing Zotz, the gear dropdown menu will include a new entry labeled Export to Citeline… Select a collection (or your entire library), click to the new export, and you’ll see an Exhibit in a new tab.

Here’s a sample bibliography that I created using Zotero and then exported to Citeline using Zotz.zotz.jpg