Study Finds Consumers Trust Online Opinions – More Reason that You Should be Monitoring What People Say about You

From The Consumerist:

A global Nielsen survey reports the cool yet frightening revelation that people trust opinions they find on the internet more than those from newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. The only category that trumps online rumblings is “recommendations from people known.”

So what does this mean? The implication for consumer sales is obvious, but is this finding applicable to legal professionals? Yes, I think so.
The things that people are saying about you and your clients on the web could have a big impact on your public image and theirs. That’s why it’s very important to monitor what’s being said. See my earlier posts for tips on setting up alerts to notify you when you or your clients are discussed via Twitter, Web pages, and blogs.
Here’s the full breakdown of the Nielsen survey as it appears in AdWeek

Source: Twitter @ding0036