CorporationWiki Visualizes Corporate Relationships

In her Wisconsin Law Journal blog, Bev Butula discusses CorporationWiki, a web site for company research.

The website allows the researcher to search businesses in over 25 states. It also supports an index to browse by company name or a person’s name….
One tool that can be very useful is the “relationship visualizer.” It is a graphic display of how companies and individuals are interconnected.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a screen shot of the relationship visualizer for Harley Davidson Motor Company. Note how the business names and officer names intersect. Very nice for visual learners like me.
There is one problem with CorporationWiki, however, and it could be a pretty big one if you don’t recognize it. As Bev notes, the page lacks an “about us” link.

It is important for me (and should be to you) to confirm how the material is collected, who is gathering the information, etc. So, I use the site to collect information and then turn to other resources to verify it.