Nimbus – Free, Versatile Screen Capture Tool

Sometimes I find it useful to take screenshots to capture various things for instructional or documentation purposes.  I’ve used several different tools over the years but came across one today that I really liked.  It’s called Nimbus Screen Capture and it’s a free Firefox add on.

Nimbus has a lot of nice editing tools, but the thing that I really like about it is that it can capture an entire webpage, not just the portion that you see on your screen (although it can also do that and much more).  Being able to capture more than just what appears on a single screen is something that I’ve struggled with in the past.
With Nimbus, you can copy the screen capture as an image to your clipboard, download it, send to Google, or upload it to Nimbus. The latter will give you a URL that you can then share with others.  See the quick guide for more detailed instructions.
For more on Nimbus and other screen capture tools, see