Track Citations to an Author's Works in HeinOnline

Earlier this year, HeinOnline added a new author profile feature to their Law Journal Library that allows readers to view more information about authors and allows authors to showcase their work.  See WisBlawg post.
Hein has recently enhanced the service by adding a new e-mail alert option for authors.  In addition to setting up a notification for when new material by a certain author is added to HeinOnline, users can now be advised when that author’s existing works are cited by new articles.
This is a great tool for authors wishing to track the impact of their scholarship or for those wanting to follow the work of a favorite author.
Instructions for setting up the alert are available on the HeinOnline blog.
HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library is available to anyone at the UW Law Library, as well as at the State Law Library, the Dane County Legal Resource Center, the Milwaukee Legal Resource Center, and Marquette Law School.  It is also available remotely to Wisconsin State Law Library cardholders who work at a firm or organization with fewer than 25 attorneys (for more information, see WSLL website).