UW Law Faculty Contribute to Book Series on New Legal Realism

Thanks to UW Law School Professor Elizabeth Mertz for alerting me that a new two-volume book series on New Legal Realism is available from Cambridge University Press.   Numerous UW Law School professors were involved in the project.
The first volume, The New Legal Realism, Volume I: Translating Law-and-Society for Today’s Legal Practice, is co-edited by Mertz, Stewart Macaulay, professor emeritus at the UW Law School, and Thomas W. Mitchell, professor at Texas A&M University School of Law, formerly also of the UW Law School.
The second volume, The New Legal Realism, Volume II: Studying Law Globally, is co-edited by Heinz Klug, professor at the UW Law School, and Sally Engle Merry, professor at New York University.
From the press release:

The goal of the New Legal Realism (NLR) project is to develop rigorous, genuinely interdisciplinary approaches to the empirical study of law. The New Legal Realism volumes introduce readers to NLR scholarship, while demonstrating the value of thoughtful interdisciplinary translation between law and social science. This scholarship charts a new course for interdisciplinary legal research by synthesizing theory, empirical research, global perspectives, and law in action. The volumes together demonstrate the importance of the NLR project, not only for legal scholarship, but for law schools and practices.