Interview with Professor Miriam Seifter on UW Law’s Hastie Fellowship Program

PrawfsBlawg has an excellent interview with Professor Miriam Seifter on UW Law’s William H. Hastie Fellowship Program.

“The Hastie Fellowship is an academic fellowship program aimed to help prepare candidates for the law teaching market. The program is named in honor of William H. Hastie, who was a renowned lawyer, teacher, judge, and civil rights advocate who, among other things, championed the value of legal education. The Fellowship was founded in large part by Professor James E. Jones, who was a labor law expert and one of our celebrated professors here at Wisconsin. The program has been around for over 40 years, and it reflects a commitment to foster diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.”

For more about the Hastie Fellow Program and a list of fellows, see the UW Law website.  We also have links to the Hastie fellows scholarship in our UW Law School Digital Repository.