Tips on Locating Email Addresses

Have you ever tried to contact a specific person at a business or other organization but didn’t know their email address?  Tracking down individual email addresses can be difficult, but there are a few tricks of the trade that can help.  A recent LLRX article offers some good advice.

  • Do a Google search for the person’s name.  If you know where they work, use the “site or domain” field in Google Advanced to search the company’s web site for his or her first and last name.
  • Search organization online directories in that industry or conference attendance lists.
  • If the individual has their CV or resume posted online, their email address may be included. Search for the individual’s name plus CV or resume to identify these types of documents.
  • If you can’t find their actual address, try to identify the email format for the person’s organization so you can make an educated guess at the individual’s email address – the article offers several frequent organizational email patterns.
    • Do a WHOIS domain search which may provide organizational contact email formats
    • This Email Permutators tool takes a person’s name and creates all the typical email permutations for that name for a given domain.
  • If you have several potential email permutations, send the message with all the potential email addresses as BCC (blind carbon copy).