WisconsinEye Subscription Now Required for On-Demand Legislative & Supreme Court Video Archive

WisconsinEye logoAccording to an email sent to registered users, WisconsinEye is implementing subscription-based access for all users of on-demand content effective February 22nd.  Although legislative and Supreme Court content will still be available live and for 24 hours following an event, on-demand access to the recorded video archive will now only be available to paid subscribers.

If you’re not familiar with WisconsinEye, it is an independent non-government-funded State Capitol broadcast organization, operating much like C-SPAN at the national level.  It is an amazing resource for live and recorded Wisconsin legislative and Supreme Court activity.  I’ve found it to be an especially useful supplement to the Wisconsin State Legislature’s bill histories in compiling a legislative history.

The following chart explains the three subscription options:

WisconsinEye subscription rates chart

All WisconsinEye enterprise content, such as Rewind: Your Week in Review, Newsmakers and Campaign candidate interviews will remain available at no cost to all users.

Supreme Court subscribers ($7.99/mo) will have unlimited access to Supreme Court content, digital downloads, and video transcription. All access subscribers ($9.99/mo) will have access to the Supreme Court content as well as the full legislative video archive including Senate and Assembly floor sessions and committee hearings with digital downloads and video transcription.