UW Law Faculty Provide Context on Criminal Law During Rittenhouse Trial

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the armed Illinois teenager who killed two people and wounded another during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has captured the nation’s attention and garnered extensive media coverage. Experts from the University of Wisconsin Law School have provided in-depth commentary and insights as the trial develops. The Law School has compiled a listing of media coverage provided by these faculty experts:

  • Keith Findley, a professor of law, is an expert in evidence, wrongful convictions, criminal procedure, and law and forensic science.
  • Lanny Glinberg, a clinical assistant professor and the director of the Prosecution Project at the Frank J. Remington Center, is an expert in criminal law, criminal procedure, and trial advocacy.
  • John Gross, a clinical associate professor and the director of the Public Defender Project, is an expert on criminal defense practice, defense ethics, and public defense systems.
  • Cecelia Klingele, an associate professor, is an expert in criminal law, criminal procedure, policing, and sentencing and corrections.
  • Ion Meyn, an assistant professor, is an expert on criminal process, wrongful convictions, race and procedure, and use of force.
  • Steven Wright, a clinical associate professor and founder of the Constitutional Litigation, Appeals, and Sentencing Project, is an expert in criminal law, federal appellate practice and procedure, postconviction litigation, and appellate advocacy.