Google to Label Search Results as “Highly Cited”

Mobile screenshot of Google results with article labeled highly citedGoogle has announced that it’s adding a new “highly cited” label to search results frequently linked to by other publications.  Such labels will appear on “anything from an investigative article, to an interview, an announcement, a press release or a local news story, as long as other publishers indicate its relevance by linking to it.”  The highly cited label is launching soon on mobile in English for the U.S. and will roll out globally in the coming weeks.  For more on this feature, see The Verge.

The “highly cited” label is part of Google’s campaign to help fight misinformation.  Other features include a notice on searches relating to “rapidly evolving topics” which will now remind users to check whether a source is trusted, or simply tell them to come back later when more information is available.   With the Fact Check Explorer, when you search for a topic that may be disputed, your results may include snippets to help you get context about a claim that was made.

Hat tip to beSpacific.