Legal Tune Up- Free Help for Wisconsinites with Common Legal Needs

Lift Wisconsin (Legal Intervention for Transforming Wisconsin) just announced the launching of a new tool to help Wisconsinites with common legal needs.

The tool is called Legal Tune Up and it is “a mobile first web-based application that uses publicly available data (driver’s license, criminal, eviction, court, and child support records) to help people identify and address legal needs.”

Legal Tune Up is designed to help Wisconsinites identify and clear civil legal problems on their own or with help from trusted professionals.Screenshot from Legal Tune Up app with eviction records removal info.

What exactly does it do?

  • Accesses public data to assist users with resolving civil legal issues
  • Guides users step-by-step through the online process
  • Auto-fills legal forms for court filings
  • Enables e-signing and offers a convenient built-in mailing feature
  • Directs people to the legal and employment services they may need or want

What types of cases does Legal Tune Up assist with?

  • Background check record removal– removing eligible records from the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS)
  • Criminal record removal– searching the Wisconsin Circuit Courts’ online public records database (CCAP) to identify and remove eligible criminal records
  • Eviction record removal– removing eligible eviction records from CCAP
  • Changing child support orderscoming soon
  • Reinstatement of driver’s licensecoming soon 

The website and app are available in both English and Spanish.